Meet Intellisharp

Engineered with leading-edge laser and micro-motor technology, The Intellisharp skate sharpening machine gives you a quality, customized edge whenever you need.


Advanced technology gives you the edge. 

Intellisharp is a high-tech, automated skate sharpening system that not only provides a laser-accurate, quality sharpening but allows quick pay, keeps track of your personal profile and makes sharpening convenient for all the skaters in your house. Engineered in Canada, Intellisharp gives you three depths of hollow allowing you to customize your blade to how you play.

It is the future of skate sharpening.



The advanced technology and computer-based alignment system does all the work, eliminating human error.


A high-precision laser and mechanical clamping system ensures the most precise edge, time after time.


Advanced high-speed motors cut the sharpening time in half and increases the life of a blade.

Anywhere - Anytime

Early morning practice or late game, you can always get your skates sharpened with Intellisharp. Machines are located in venues and retail locations and are always ready to sharpen.


Each machine will know your skate’s sharpening history, your preference of hollow from our three custom grinds, and your preferred payment method.