Precision + Speed

IntelliSharp is an engineered system that delivers computer-enabled motion control and laser measurement to provide unparalleled accuracy and repeatable quality.

Sharpening both skates at once, combined with a grinding wheel rotating at 8 times the speed of historical sharpeners, means a pair can be sharpened in under three minutes.

Custom Sharpness

Select between 3/8”, 1/2” or 5/8” grind simply by selection from the touch-screen.


All monitoring and maintenance of the machines is handle by our team of support specialists.


Being fully automated, IntelliSharp frees your staff to focus on customer care and sales instead of spending time manually operating the grinder.

Customer profiles

Customers can build personal profiles allowing you to track sharpening history and grind preference which can be accessed at all IntelliSharp locations.


A one-of-a-kind grind wheel provides superior longevity and edge retention which creates value for the user when factoring the cost of skates at any level.

Revenue tracking

Accurate revenue reporting all through the computer logic system ensures tighter controls on usage and profitability.

With IntelliSharp, Laser-accuracy gives you the edge!

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